The 2016 Regional Prayer Trip to Kiev, Ukraine was a great time in the Lord for the 24 people on the prayer team.  It was such a pleasure meeting people from other countries and joining together with the amazing church in Kiev for a powerful 4 days of intercession. 
The Ukraine faces many challenges, economically and politically.  As we walked the streets of the city visiting various governmental and university areas, our hearts were stirred and a deep love for these people was birthed in all of the team.  One extremely moving site was the Famine Museum where we were educated as to the profound and deep hurt inflicted on the nation when 10 million Ukranians were starved to death.  It was also very moving to pray in Revolution Square where just two years ago, a huge revolution took place.
The church in Kiev has faced a major challenge with the property God miraculously gave them on which to build a church.  Many, many battles have been and continue to face the church so that they can justifiably keep the property.  The picture shows the team, along with some church members, standing on the property proclaiming victory as we believed together for a church to be built to the glory of God.
We were so blessed to be in two amazing services with the Kiev Church.  They have great leadership and great vision for the future.  One young lady received the Holy Ghost in the Sunday service.  Truly, our hearts were knitted together with the city of Kiev and the people of the great church.