Regional Prayer Trips

During the global pandemic, we were not been able to have prayer trips  in Europe.  However, God wonderfully opened the door so we could have virtual prayer walks via Zoom.  Virtual prayer walks took place in several of nations within our region.  They were always powerful and we thank God for the opportunity to pray together for these nations during that time travel was almost impossible.

In 2023, we had the first in-person prayer walk in Geneva, Switzerland since Covid-19!  We were so grateful to join together in person again praying on site with insight.

Virtual Prayer Meetings

The European Prayer Commission is doing something different this year and hosting online prayer meetings in 2023 with a theme.  This year, instead of virtual prayer walks, we are prying for ‘Relationship Vs. Religion’.  The one-hour scheduled prayer meetings occur monthly.  These prayer meetings are a great opportunity to join together in prayer with individuals and churches from across the European Region.  More information and the meeting details can be obtained by writing to