1st Quarter 2018

At the beginning of a new year I like to set new goals for the year. At the top of the list I write losing weight or exercising daily. Sometimes I follow through on my goals and some are dropped along the way.

However, this year I have set a goal I feel sure I will follow through to the end of the year. I have determined to pray my way through the Psalms verse by verse. I began Jan 1 with Psalm 1:1. I have not been disappointed in my reading. Often it is difficult to lay aside cares and worries of this life and the realm of prayer seems difficult to enter, but when the Word of God opens the door, you can step easily into His presence.

Psalm 1 begins with “Blessed is the man….” As I read the first verse of the Psalm, I saw that a blessed person does not do certain things. What then should a blessed person do? A blessed person walks in the counsel of the righteous. He stands in the way with the saints of God. He sits with believers where they are. He delights in the Word of God and thinks on it often.

What about men who do not follow in the path God sets out for them? They follow the counsel of the wicked or ungodly that leads to frustration.The path of the sinner leads to destruction, and the seat of the scoffers leads to emptiness. I had to stop and consider how often I thought on the Word during my day or whose counsel was I following, godly or worldly? It is easy to get caught up in the latest positive thinking position or popular psychological babble.

Only delight in the Word of God leads to fulfillment.

With the help of God we are energized and enabled to walk in the counsel of the righteous, stand in the assembly of the body of Christ, and sit with the believers. To delight in the Word of God is to be firmly planted by eternal waters. We can be assured of fruit and success in living for God as the Lord approves our ways.

As I prayed and mediated in this Psalm I found that the Lord led me into new avenues of thought and understanding. After one week of prayer in Psalm 1 I knew I had made a goal that was worthy of completion. As you plan your goals for the year, add praying through the Word to your list. You will find great reward.

BOOK SUGGESTION: Biblical Meditation for Spiritual Breakthrough — Elmer Towns

~Cheryl Craft