Drawing Near to God

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Author: Cheryl Craft

This book is excellent for prayer study groups or personal devotion and study. In “Drawing Near to God” Cheryl gives insights and direction about deepening your prayer life and growing in the prayer life to which God has called you.

Watchman Prayer

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Author: Dutch Sheets

“WANTED: mothers, fathers, laypeople and leaders to serve as watchmen-sentinels who stand watch on behalf of our families, our churches and our nation. After reading Watchman Prayer, readers who accept this assignment will be equipped to discern the direction of the Lord and the plans of the enemy. “

They will learn how, with the Holy Spirit’s leading, anyone can pray a perimeter of protection around their loved ones, their city and the Church, and then unravel the schemes of the devil with strategic prayer. Join with Dutch Sheets and a host of others to take on this critical role and play a key part in the Church’s ultimate victory. Everyone must be on the alert! Read Watchman Prayer and learn everything you need to know about this sacred calling, a calling God is sending out to all of His people.

Mighty Prevailing Prayer

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Author: Wesley Duewel

“God has a more effective prayer life for you than you ever dreamed possible. Let this volume be your open door to wonderful answers to prayer. Here is your personal guide to a life of mighty prevailing prayer.”

Let this book speak to your heart, take you to your knees, and help you obtain prayer answers in difficult and resistant situations. Leonard Ravenhill calls it an ‘encyclopedia.’ you will want to read and refer to it again and again. It is a life-time investment. A marvelous balance. Both a mandate for and a means of prevailing prayer. The evangelical church is guilty of the sin of prayerlessness. Wesley Duewel has provided exactly what we need: a biblically sound exposition of prevailing prayer and practical suggestions for ways to prevail in prayer.

Touch the World Through Prayer

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Author: Wesley Duewel

“God has a wonderful plan by which you can have a world influence through your prayer,” writes Dr. Wesley Duewel. “God has planned that ordinary Christians like you and me can become mighty in prayer for the reaping of Christ’s harvest among the nations today.”

Touch the World through Prayer explains how every Christian can pray for the missionaries, church leaders, and political leaders in countries around the globe where the gospel is being preached today. Dr. Duewel gives specific Bible promises that we can claim in these intercessory prayers. He describes how to pray in the power of Jesus’ name, how to counteract the influence of Satan, how to recognize the work of angels in answer to prayer, and much more. Touch the World through Prayer provides step-by-step plans for making a prayer list, organizing a prayer circle, and holding a prayer retreat for your Christian friends who have a burden for missions.

The Necessity of Prayer

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Author: E. M. Bounds

“Prayer is built on the foundation of faith. Bounds begins his book with building faith that believes God will answer your prayers.”

After building your faith, the book continues with many insightful helps to strengthen your prayer life.


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Author: Verbal Bean

This book will bring you into a deeper relationship with God. Also available in Spanish.