2nd Quarter 2018

We begin this second quarter letter with a science lesson. The second law of Physics is called Thermodynamics. We know is as “entropy”. This means that all falls from order to disorder. A ball rolls downhill and needs energy to push it uphill. Everything wears out. Things need to be renewed or replaced. A car wears out whether you drive it or not. Think of our bodies and you can understand that we must take care of our bodies or pay the consequences: could I say weight gain in later years. In youth we ate what we desired with no consequent weight gain. In later years, one must be conscious of intake as compared with energy given out. In summary it takes energy to keep everything, bodies included, in working order.

Spiritually, we must order our prayer lives or we will lose momentum and power. Paul told Timothy to stir up the gift that was given to him by the laying on of hands in prayer. Is your prayer life lagging? Have you lost excitement and passion for prayer?

First of all measure your prayer life by your love level. Do you love God like you used to do? Return to your first love.

Then measure you prayer life by how you spend your time. Measure your desire for God. Has your desire been replaced by something else?

Do you spend more time on the Internet, or sports, or entertainments then you do in seeking God?

It is time to put energy into your prayer life. Build it back up to your early days of prayer and the joy it brought to you.

Renew: Devote time again as you did before.
Refresh: Be faithful to your time in prayer and seeking God.
Restore: First love for God by study of God’s Word and give Him your undivided attention.

Do not let your prayer life fall from order to disorder. Like our example at the beginning of this article, a ball will roll easily down hill, but it takes energy to push it up the hill. Your prayer life will become disordered if you don’t give time, love, and desire to maintain it.

Don’t wait to feel like praying. You may not if you have allowed your prayer life to dwindle. Like the second law of physics you have to maintain or you will lose. If you think your prayer life has weakened, restore order by setting a time for God and staying with it. You will soon find that your prayer life has gone from disorder to order.

BOOK SUGGESTION: Measure Your Life by Wesley Duewel (Available on Amazon)

~Cheryl Craft