Struggling through the crowd, a woman reached out to touch Jesus.  Many people were pressing around him, and being weak she had to press her way in to get close to him. Other people and their problems hindered her way, keeping her from what she needed. Perhaps she had heard about others being healed by touching Jesus. Her need was great, and all she had was her faith and determination. She may have even had to get down on her hands and knees to crawl through the crowd; but she did not let the press of the crowd keep her from what she needed. Whatever she had to do, she did it.

This story mirrors what we often have to do in prayer.  When we enter our time of prayer, needs, fears, people, or worries prey on our minds and try to keep us from touching Jesus.  The crowd always tries to keep you from Him. This is the time to use your faith and determination to press through the crowd until you touch Him.

Verbally lay down the needs, people, and worries that trouble you.  Turn your mind over to the auspices of the Holy Spirit. Ask him to be active in your heart and mind.  Give yourself to worship. Read one or two choice scriptures that will bring quiet and faith to your mind.  Pray until you touch the hem of his garment that enshrines his prayer life, his love, and his healing power.  Whatever you need, you find it in Jesus when you touch him in prayer.

Let this year become the time that you persist and touch the hem of his garment in prayer to receive all you need from Him.

BOOK SUGGESTION:  My Daily Pursuit by A.W. Tozer

(Devotions for Every Day)

~Cheryl Craft