We live in perilous times. The spirit of murder, strife and tumult is rife throughout the world. We see it especially in our nation. The anti-Christ spirit is working overtime. Christian code, morals, and principles are under attack. Prayer is mocked, Christ is scorned, and the Word of God is ignored and spurned. What to do?

Pray!! Prayer is more vitally needed than ever before. Along with prayer we must take the battle against all this wickedness. When we leave the prayer closet, our actions reveal what we received in prayer. When multitudes of enemies launched war against Israel, God said: “Don’t be afraid. I will deliver them slain into your hand. You shall destroy their horses and chariots.”

We don’t have to fear the enemies of Christ. He stands with us to deliver them into our hands. God gave Joshua and Israel the battle (Joshua 11). However, they had to get out and fight it. They didn’t sit in their tents drinking tea.

How do we fight the enemy? We fight with prayer and actions. We don’t fight with weapons of warfare for we don’t wrestle against flesh and blood, but we fight these wicked spirits of the spiritual realm in our prayer closets. We also fight when we speak out and share the Word of God to friends at school or colleagues at work. Ask God for opportunities to speak out for righteousness. The devil is bold so how much more should be bold for the cause of Christ.

Pray then act on the power you receive from God. More than ever, God needs men and women who will seek Him, and then move out into the world empowered to be warriors for His sake in the earth.

Book Suggestion: The Prayer Dare by Ron Kincaid

~Cheryl Craft