1st Quarter 2020

No matter how great a prayer warrior we think we are, there are times when we find it difficult to enter into the spirit of prayer. Cares of life, health issues, fears, doubts, and busy minds all intrude into our time of seeking God. When you daily come to your place of prayer and find no burden, nor impression from God who to pray for or what to pray about, turn to the Scriptures for the source of your inspiration.  I would suggest opening the Bible to the book of Psalms and begin your search for God there. Pray the words of David as he writes to God and prays from the depths of his soul.  As you pray you will find that your heart and mind open as you enter into the spirit of prayer that permeated David’s life.

David was a man whose heart sought the Lord and from the depths of human experience of fear, depression, and anxiety, and hunger for God he cried for help. When you begin to pray his words and thoughts you feel his faith and his desire to find God. Let the words of David as he prays to God become a doorway into the realm of God and the spirit of prayer. It is said that the darkest hour of the night is before the dawn of a new day.  It is also true that the darkest hour of prayer is just before you begin to pray. When you don’t know how to begin to pray, pray the Psalms of David. His anointed words will help you enter into spirit of seeking God in prayer. Pray until you can pray.

Let us look at Psalm 42:1 (MEV)
This is a guide only, let your own desires and word flow out to God.
“As the deer pants after the water brooks, so my soul pants after you, O God.”

Jesus, awaken in my heart a great longing for you.
I feel weighed down 
With cares and fears. (Name them)
Help me to seek you and find you.
Let the spirit of longing for you grip my heart.
Help me to seek you and find you.

Follow this thought where it takes you. Psalm 42:2

“My soul thirsts for God, for the living God. When will I come and appear before God?”

Lord, I long to come into your presence. 
More and more I want to seek you and Find you.
Remove what hinders me from
Finding you and loving you with all my heart. 
If my lifestyle keeps me from your presence,
Help me to change and live my life pleasing To you. 
(Name what keeps you from serving God with a whole heart)
Psalm 42:3
“My tears have been my food day and night while they always say to me “Where is your God?”

Oh Lord, people of the world ask this question. 
They ask because they doubt your presence in the world.
But I know your presence because you abide in me.
I know you are ever present and you
See me right now and hear my prayer.
When I am 
Tempted to doubt you because I cannot see your
Working or your power, let me see with eyes of 
Faith knowing that you are my Lord and you
Love me. You are my Lord and my God.

Finish praying this psalm for this is just an example of how to pray the Word. Feel free to speak from your heart what you feel or the questions you want to ask of God. There is great reward in praying the Scriptures for you are praying the words of God back to Him. The Word is already blessed and you will find great blessingin your soul as you pray and let the Word soak into your being. Let us make this new year of 2020 a year of prayer and seeking God.

Cheryl Craft
Book Suggestion: Meditating on the Word by Dietrich Bonhoeffer