2nd Quarter 2019

Prayer can influence God’s divine purpose and plan. Abraham pleaded with God to spare the city of Sodom if fifty righteous persons could be found. God graciously assented. But we know that Abraham could only save his family for the planned destruction. Fifty righteous could not be found.

At another time Moses bargained with God. “Why should the Egyptians say that it was with evil intent that you brought us out of Egypt to kill us in the wilderness. Turn from your wrath and change your mind and do not bring disaster on your people.” The Lord changed his mind.

Hannah changed the course of history by venturing to influence the divine plan. She prayed, ”God give me a son and I will give him back to you. (Samuel 1:11) Her prayer resulted in the birth of Samuel, the reform of the priesthood, and the birth of the Israelite monarchy.

Your prayers can influence the course of events in your life, family, church and the nation.
I call today for prayer for our country. We have elements in government and in our nation who would tear down the foundations on which our country is built. They have succeeded in removing God and faith from our educational system. They have replaced God with humanism in our schools and colleges. They are rewriting our history and tearing down statutes of those who were seen as heroes in our nation’s past. This is what happens when the Godless philosophies of communism/socialism take over.

We are in a spiritual war. Satan is working overtime corrupting a generation of youth. Right now we see a struggle going on to take over a conservative government. These godless elements are people who are fighting on all fronts to remove and replace faith and God. The goal is to have a complete humanist state. Our nation was built on foundations of faith. Let us pray that our country returns to the righteous principles upon which we were founded. God has a plan for nations who forget God. Punishment awaits. But those who pray can prevail with God and bring God’s forgiveness and mercy to bear.

It is time for those who know how to pray to address this situation. Fight for our country in prayer. Let God arise and His enemies be scattered. Let us influence the divine plan through prayer. If our nation survives, it will be because someone prayed and prevailed with God.

NOTE: This article was written with the USA in mind; however, these marauding spirits are the same the world over. Fight in prayer for your country where you live as missionaries. Pray for your city and the leaders of your country so you may live in peace

BOOK SUGGESTION: Mighty Prevailing Prayer by Wesley Duewel (Available on Amazon)

~Cheryl Craft