What is the power of prayer?

It is an assault weapon in our spiritual battle. Paul tells us that it is a moving force. Eph 6:12-18 Put on the whole armor of God… praying always with all prayer and supplication.

While sitting bound in prison, he said, “Pray for me that I may speak with boldness the message given to me. Here he was in prison speaking as though he were free to preach to the people. Why such boldness? He knew that the power of prayer was available to him. Prayer is the avenue whereby God makes his power available to us in the challenges we face. Paul wanted to make sure the church understood this.

Prayer Is an Avenue of Peace. We can and do exchange our burdens and worries for peace as we pray. Prayer is always present in us. Even though the day seems dark, we are never out of range of prayer for God to hear our cry. In trouble and fear, peace can be found in prayer because we are in touch with Prince of Peace.

Prayer Is a Means of Receiving Counsel. Prayer is like a good counseling session. We walk out of a good prayer session with renewed hope that we can make it in and through our trials. Prayer infuses all our plans with God’s ability.

Power in prayer means hope, help, and relief. Paul tells us to pray always because the power of prayer ensures we have a spiritual weapon.

Prayer brings solution to problems. Remember Elijah prayed for rain and rain came refreshing the earth and bringing new crops to the hungry people.

Prayer gets the power of God involved. Remember Moses parted the Red Sea at God’s command when it seemed that all was lost and the enemy would win.

Prayer brings peace. The disciples were in a storm tossed boat and knew they would perish until Jesus said peace be still.

Prayer brings good counsel. David asked God if he should go after raiders who had stolen goods and taken his family hostage.God told him to go after them and he would win the day.

Prayer is and means for us peace, hope, help, and relief. Prayer is Power. Learn to pray and use this power God intends for you to have.

~Cheryl Craft