The Practice of Intercession

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Author: Zacharias Fomum

The book inspires as well as gives practical helps in praying for personal needs and the needs of the world. In one chapter, the writer tells of how he and his congregation prayed for the demise of communism in the world. As a result of many days of fasting and prayer, they saw the answer when the Berlin wall came down. He does not claim sole credit for this but is very much aware that this was their focus and it came to pass as they prayed.  

Zacharias Fomum is a pastor in the country of Cameroon, West Africa. He is one of the great men of prayer who inspires passion and desire to seek God, not only for needs but prayer to find and know God. He guides the earnest seeker with schedules to hold personal prayer retreats: day retreats, weekend retreats, and two or three retreats.