Greetings in the name of Jesus–the Prince of Peace!

The Prayer Commission, working together with Bro. and Sis. Tuttle, would like to take this opportunity to urge each nation to set up some kind of special prayer and fasting during this time of crisis. We are truly living in unparalleled times and we hope this precipitates the coming of our Lord. It is probably safe to say that all of us are facing lifestyle changes in one way or another.

Below are some prayer points that you might want to distribute. Please feel free to translate them, as needed.

1. Pray that the worldwide Body of Christ will rise to the occasion and be a shining light to people and societies that are filled with fear. Pray that, in the midst of the fear, people will get desperate and turn to God and Truth.

2. Pray for backsliders to return to the fold.

3. It would be a tool of the enemy that as our churches go to online services, people would get lazy spiritually. We must exhort our people to guard against this. This is the time when their own personal walk with God will prove its value. Pray that any lack of personal spirituality will diminish and that saints will draw closer to God than ever before.

4. It is vitally important that ALL of us endeavour to stay connected–one way or another. We are not just talking about a social connection that can breed idle talk, fear and false reports, but a spiritual connection. Pray and work towards staying connected on a spiritual level with everyone in your circle of influence. If we ever needed to “lift one another’s hands”, it is now.

Our prayer is that there will be a massive harvest and that the rapture will then take place. In the meantime, may the church of the living God be all that it is meant to be–a beacon of light, hope and truth to a desperate world!

APRIL 2-3 are the dates set for our REGIONAL DAYS OF PRAYER. Can we ask EVERY nation to participate in this joint time of intercession? It’s time to bombard heaven with prayer from this region–from the east to the west and the north to the south! UNITY! UNITY! UNITY is our cry and prayer!

TOGETHER in Jesus Name,



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